Traffic Mirrors

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Product Description

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  • Anti-Frost/Anti-condensation Optics
  • 2 Shapes to Choose from
  • Weather conditions down to -20
  • Border Colour White with Red Chevrons Traffic Unbreakable Mirrors Mirrors assist road safety and can help eliminate blind spots at corners, concealed entrances and exits, car parks and junctions. The VIALUX anti-frost and anti-condensation mirror will provide clear images in conditions where temperatures reach -20. Positioned at junctions with obscured visibility to prevent accidents. These traffic mirrors have a anti-frost and condensation system. The mirrors function on the principle of day-time latent heat storage in flat gel packs situated behind mirror film which is then used to keep the mirrors frost and mist free.

Additional Information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 600 x 400 mm

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